Respect for nature and much more besides

The property that had been used for a time for purely private purposes is now open to the public. Visitors are drawn from all walks of life. There are visitors to the museum (culture lovers, schoolchildren, students, experts), persons looking for leisure activities (families, couples, the elderly, people living nearby), persons in search of peace and tranquillity (family members, individuals) and others who have come to attend events. The wishes of our guests vary: some want to play and climb, others prefer peace and tranquillity. Nature too has its seasons and necessities.

To enable everyone to enjoy their visit to the Villa dei Cedri garden, you are kindly requested to respect nature and treat other users politely:

  • Dogs on a lead are admitted. However, please pick up and bin their waste.
  • Leave no litter behind on the paths: take rubbish, including cigarette ends, away with you.
  • This is a space for walks and leisure; we therefore invite users who cycle across the site to dismount and walk alongside their cycle; all motor vehicles are prohibited with the exception of specially authorised vehicles (for the transport of art works or vehicles used by Villa dei Cedri gardeners).
  • Leave stones, plants and any other natural or cultural object where you find them.
  • Enjoy the flowers without uprooting or trampling on them.
  • Cutting trees and damaging vegetation or site infrastructure is prohibited.


Be inspired by the spirit of this place and enjoy this urban oasis!

Museo Villa dei Cedri - Bellinzona Musei - Città di Bellinzona

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