Homeland Fictions

Laid out around a majestic beech tree at the Museo Villa dei Cedri, «Homeland Fictions (a Constellation)», an installation by Monica Ursina Jäger, highlights vital energy. The work draws its inspiration from molecular structures with atoms in motion and at the same time from the universe with its heavenly bodies. Every feature of the cosmos, from microorganisms to macroorganisms, from living beings to inanimate objects, is made up of particles.From infinitely small to infinitely large, Jäger also evokes the links that exist with past epochs, recorded in the elements and in living beings. This reference urges us to reassess our place in the world, between past and future, and to realize that our sense of belonging to the contemporary era is inseparable from our bond with more ancestral times.

Museo Villa dei Cedri - Bellinzona Musei - Città di Bellinzona

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