Icone vegetali. Art and Botanics in the 21st century

Museo Villa dei Cedri, Bellinzona

The current debate about climate changes, the Earth's habitability and our uncertain future reminds us that the relationship between man and nature is not immutable but is evolving constantly. It is time to rethink that relationship. The vegetal world is at the heart of the issue here: it is both an object of study and experimentation, whether scientific or artistic, and a source of aesthetic inspiration. Through its interdisciplinary approach, the exhibition casts a critical eye on our contemporary societies, exploring alternative models for our relationship to nature in order to imagine a different future.

The sculptures, prints, photographs, paintings, and installations on display are rooted in the Museo Villa dei Cedri's 100-year-old park and in historic herbaria. They invite visitors to wander among the botanical treasures – real, imaginary, or virtual – that surround us.

An exhibition organized in collaboration with the Museo cantonale di storia naturale, Lugano.

With Alan Butler, Thomas Flechtner, Anne-Laure Franchette, Roswitha Gobbo,
Monica Ursina Jäger, Eduardo Kac, Lisa Lurati, Paolo Mazzuchelli and Dona De Carli, Gabriela Maria Müller, Loredana Müller, Francine Mury, Uriel Orlow, Ursula Palla, Suzanne Treister.

Museo Villa dei Cedri - Bellinzona Musei - Città di Bellinzona

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