Friends of the Museum

The purpose of the Friends of Villa dei Cedri Foundation is to foster public interest in the arts in connection with the activities of the Villa dei Cedri Museum, the City of Bellinzona's civic museum, located in the splendid Villa dei Cedri with its historic park: a place of culture, nature and architecture in the heart of Bellinzona. The Foundation promotes the Museum by enhancing its collection and giving visibility to artistic and cultural activities.

The Friends of the Villa dei Cedri Museum Foundation was founded on 17 November 2009 and pursues the same aims as the Association, set up in 1990 and dissolved in 2007. Its headquarters are at the Museum.

For further information and membership requests, please contact the secretary’s office at the museum.
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Foundation Board
Simonetta Biaggio-Simona, chairman
Mauro Suà, deputy chairman

Vito Lo Russo, deputy chairman

Sandro Gazzaniga, secretary

Renato Bison, member in representation of the City of Bellinzona

Alice Croce-Mattei, member

Mario Postizzi, member

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