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Villa dei Cedri is a small museum surrounded by the imposing centuries-old trees that adorn its park. Once a private residence in the suburbs of Bellinzona, it is today an integral part of the city, in the heart of Ticino. 


In order to tell the story of such a unique museum, we wanted to create an original narration, far from the didactic and conventional character of the classic institutional audio guides. The result is a recording that does not focus on the permanent collection, nor on one of the many temporary exhibitions, but on historical events, architectural features and nature, key elements of the museum's identity.

The three-voice dialogue is created by actors who accompany the visitor on a walk through the tree-lined avenues, the Italian-style flower garden, the wineyard and the orchard, discovering a distant past. The speech is interwoven with specially made music and evocative sounds recorded on site. From this colloquial narration emerges a story at once intimate and public – as are the villa and its park – which appears at times nostalgic and at times reflective.


SmARTravel is more than just an audio guide. Not only is it an audio tour to be experienced on site, but it can also be downloaded at any time (both on the Apple Store and on the Android platform) to have artistic and historical content on your mobile phone to share with other art lovers or with those who do not yet know the Villa dei Cedri Museum.

Cost: CHF 2.00.

If you don't want to download it on your smartphone, you can rent the audio guide at the Museum reception for CHF 5.00.

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A project by NucleoMeccanico e SmARTravel.

Museo Villa dei Cedri - Bellinzona Musei - Città di Bellinzona

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