Museo Villa dei Cedri, Bellinzona

Built around 1860, Villa dei Cedri recounts three centuries of history, from a preindustrial society to a globalised world. In the exhibition «Disappear Here», 16 artists question from their contemporary perspective the values to which the former residence bears witness. Through visions of decadence and critiques of a bygone way of life, the sequence of paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, video works and installations, highlights the concerns of a generation marked by decline, but also by a strength derived from struggle and hope.

Exhibition curated by Rolando Bassetti, Director of the Centre d’art contemporain Yverdon-les-Bains.

Marc Bauer, Noémie Doge, Matthieu Gafsou, Patricia Glave, Maëlle Gross, Shannon Guerrico, Benoît Jeannet, Romy Colombe. K, Lucie Kohler, Xénia Lucie Laffely, Line Marquis, Anita Mucolli, Maya Rochat, Paul Rousteau, Caroline Tschumi and Paulo Wirz.

Museo Villa dei Cedri - Bellinzona Musei - Città di Bellinzona

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